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About the podcast

Pretentious Game Ideas is Ruddy Games' official game design podcast. We started it as a way for three friends to force themselves to talk about game design for an hour or two every month, but it has expanded to cover all kinds of game design topics -- deep dives into particular mechanics, analyses of games we're playing, and discussions of the oft-ignored intricacies of running tabletop roleplaying games. Sometimes we even have guests! This is exciting, because it's good to have someone around who knows what they're doing.

Your hosts

Jon Gill @TheJonAGill

Jon is a game designer, programmer, and now podcast host. He lives in Seattle, Washington, where he spends too much time thinking about board games. You can find more of Jon's work online at

Rob Giusti @therobgiusti

Rob is a VR games developer with a heart of gold and excellent hair. Be sure to have him mix you a cocktail or two if you ever have the opportunity.

Ryan Anderson @ryeander

Ryan is an indie game designer who excels at churning out massive amounts of content. They can either be found working on various game projects or complaining. Usually complaining.

The Music

Our theme song is by the incredibly awesome Joshua Du Chene! Check him out on SoundCloud, then hire him to make more great music!

Contact us

Got a question? Want to discuss an exciting opportunity? Just feeling a bit lonely? You can email the podcast at